How to Setup a WiFi Connection Between an Olympus E-P5 and an iPhone

I received my Olympus E-P5 last week, and coming from a Nikon D7000, I had no idea how to setup a lot of the functions, namely the WiFi connection that would allow my camera to connect to my iPhone. Since I couldn’t find decent instructions online (the manual is woefully lacking) I thought I’d write up a quick tutorial in case anyone else has issues connecting the E-P5 to an iPhone.

1. Download the Olympus Image Share app from the App Store. It is universal and can be installed on an iPhone or an iPad.

2. Turn on the camera. Tap the WiFi button on the top left of the screen or navigate to Menu –> PlayBack Menu –> Connection to Smartphone. Either of these options will bring up a screen with a QR code that says “Private Connection.”

3. Open the Olympus Image Share app on the iPhone. Tap the small camera icon on the bottom and choose “Easy Setup.” On this screen, tap scan.

4. Hold the phone’s camera to the QR code on the screen of the E-P5. The phone needs to be fairly close to the screen to read the code (approximately 1.5 inches), and it will take a few seconds for it to register.

5. After scanning the code, the iPhone will display a screen that shows the SSID and the password from the camera. At this point, tap Install, which will open the settings menu of your phone. Tap Install again and then Install Now to install the WiFi profile.

6. Once the profile has been installed, the Olympus Image Share app will be reopened automatically. Exit out of the app by pressing the home screen and go back to the settings menu.

7. Go to the top menu of Settings and select WiFi, which will allow a WiFi network to be selected. Choose the E-P5 network and connect to it.

8. Make sure the E-P5 is still in the private connection mode with the QR code displayed. There should be a green WiFi icon with a “1” next to it in the upper left corner of the display, which indicates a connection.

9. At this point, go back to the Olympus Image Share app, which should now display a blue camera icon at the bottom, which means the camera is connected to the iPhone. From this point, geotagging information can be added, the remote control function can be accessed, and images can be uploaded from the camera to the phone.

10. When the camera is turned off or WiFi mode is exited, your phone will automatically end the connection. To reconnect, turn on the camera and tap the WiFi button. The QR code screen will come up, but it does not need to be scanned in again. From here on only step 7 needs to be repeated. Go to the Settings app, access WiFi, and reselect the EP-5 network each time photos need to be uploaded from the camera to the phone.

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  1. Well, after reading others comments above I realized I was on my home wifi, not the wifi the camera produces, but it now seems I have the camera wifi set on the wrong setting – one that does not work with the feature of downloading photos so now I cannot figure out how to get back to change that. Not at all intuitive or perhaps I am out of my element with this feature, or perhaps this camera. I have exhausted my patience!

  2. Sorry, I don’t know anything about Android smartphones because I’m an iPhone user. Maybe someone in the comments can help, though.

  3. This was really helpful with clear precise instructions that even I could understand!

    Thank you very much.

  4. Hi there.. What if it says “Not Signed”??

    Then what? It won’t let me finish installing the camera onto my app?

    Thank you, M

  5. Thank you July!! realy helpful. Marlene I had the same problem. Ignore profile not signed. Go back to ol share and click cancellation. You will come back in the home menu and can start importing photos.

  6. It’s saying to me that the profile is not signed. Tried many times and nothing happened. Can you help me please? :/

  7. thank you this was so helpful, even for my TG4 there aren’t any specific enough instructions as to how to link the two, now it works! yay

  8. Warning profile not signed when trying to connect my camera to my phone.. Can someone help me resolve this issue

  9. Can’t install. Says profile not signed. No clue what that means or how to fix it. Others seem to have same issue. Can you assist on how to fix this?

  10. When it asks for password it only allows a 6 digit password but the password on my camera shows 8 digits. I’m confused!

  11. very helpful, finally after 3 days of trying to connect I found your page and was able to connect, it was the wifi for the camera that i didn’t have up on my ipad.

  12. I had the same problem as Tracy:

    When it asks for password it only allows a 6 digit password but the password on my camera shows 8 digits. I’m confused!

  13. If anyone is stuck, I have just succeeded getting past the “Not Signed” issue! Ignore this! To proceed, close the OS app on the iPhone then go to your Wi-fi Settings on your phone. You should see the camera’s wi-fi listed (mine is the OM10). Select that and it should show a tick to confirm selected. My camera shows a green symbol in top left corner of Menu screen to also confirm connection. Then open the OS Share app again and a blue camera symbol should appear at the bottom of the screen confirming “On”. You can then upload photos from the iPhone. Hope this helps.

  14. i am not a stupid person, but without your clear instructions, i never would have been able to connect my camera to my ipad. ugh. so, thanks. you saved me a ton of frustration. the olympus instructions suck!!!

  15. hi i am following the dorecction but when I want to install the app it asks for a 4 digit code and says not signed in. What shall I do?

  16. I’m trying to set this up but each time I install, my phone is asking me for a 6 digit passcode. The passcode to open my phone is 4 digits so I have no idea what I’m supposed to enter? Any help?!

  17. One of the most important item is to have the correct wifi settings set. On my omd M1 mark 2 it toke me weeks to figure out I needed to change one setting. And the. I still had the not signed profile issue, but I ignored that and everything works.

    Make sure you:
    TIP: I set Menu-?Setup Menu ?Wi-Fi Setting- ?Wi-Fi Connect Settings to
    “Private”, meaning it will only be connected to my phone.

    That was all

  18. Thank you!!! Your instructions helped a lot! I was getting so frustrated with Olympus already. Camera is now in sync with my iphone. Finally. Thanks again.

  19. Thank you Les CAIRNS. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve tried to figure the “not signed” issue out since I’ve had this camera (2 years!).

  20. I got signed in fine and transferred photo to iphone but now cant get my camera to work. Suggestions please.

  21. Les Cairns explanation helped. I used to work for Olympus (10 years, Scientific Division) and they were and still are lacking when it comes to coding a logical user interface.

    Les’s explanation worked, but even so the SW / Interface has an issue. The “QR Code” screen will not quit/stop displaying on the camera, and there’s no way (that I can find) to turn it off. So you have to use the view that your cell phone provides. Not a huge deal, but annoying. Also, it appears you have to go thru this exercise every time you want to access the App. So several steps to get back to the start… again, bad software coding. The issue was and still appears to be language translation from English to Japanese (the coders must still be out of Japan) to the SW program/user interface.

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