Photo comparisons

For my photo project today, I took some pictures using my nikon, my sony point and shoot (pink!), and my iphone. I wanted to show the differences between them, and while I should have chosen a time when the lighting was better, I think you can see some pretty clear variations between them. I didn’t make any alterations to any of the pictures.

Upper left here is my Nikon D7000, upper right is my DSC T-70, bottom left is my iPhone, and bottom right is my Nikon again, but with flash. I didn’t spend a ton of time on this project, and I didn’t properly focus my nikon for the first picture. I went to retake it, but it was too dark, so I added one with the flash. Just because. I’m surprised at how well the picture taken with my sony point and shoot came out, but you can see that the pictures taken with my nikon are more vivid and focused.


You can see that it was late afternoon here. My sony and my iPhone both had a hard time with the diffuse lighting behind the trees. iPhone definitely did better than the point and shoot for this landscape photo.


These were all taken in succession, Molly just wouldn’t sit still for similar angles. My Nikon really shines here, with more vivid coloring and better clarity. I didn’t do my iPhone justice. It can certainly take better pictures than this, but you can see how it falters in low lighting without any kind of image stabilization.


And finally, this is where you can really see the difference between a point and shoot and a DSLR. Here are crops of the same cat photos. None of them are ultra clear because of the lighting at 4:30PM, but the Nikon shot is a lot crisper.