Happy Trails

This is a posting that I should have made several weeks ago, when it actually happened. But better late than never, right?

John and I went horseback riding at Happy Trails in South Bay. I think I had mentioned a couple weeks before that I’d gone horseback riding a few times and really enjoyed it, so John planned this for our anniversary. We had a friendly guide and mellow horses, which made for a nice trail ride. My horse was named Rosie, and she was like an errant child that lags behind everyone else and then runs to catch up. She kept trailing behind the other two horses then going into a full on gallop to catch back up, which made for a wild ride a couple of times, and super sore legs afterwards. I had one slightly scary moment when there was a pretty steep hill to go down – it was a sharp incline and she started to run, and I started to go oh shit, I’m going to fall off! I lived, though.

John’s Horse:
john's horse

My view:
my view

Afterwards, I wanted to get breakfast, so we went to Hash House a go go and had some of the most fattening food in existence, in the largest portion you can imagine. I think we were both feeling pretty sick after eating this, but it was good. Of course, anything is tasty with that much butter. John’s looks particularly unappetizing.

My mashed potato quesadilla:
potato quesadilla

John’s biscuits and gravy and eggs (I think):
I don't even know
Yeah, Hash House is pretty much a once a year kind of place. Next time I’m getting one of the crazy hot chocolates that they have.

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