Tofu Lettuce Wraps

So the vegan thing is going pretty well. I can actually cook now! I make something a couple of times a week, and since there are always leftovers, it saves me some work. I made tofu lettuce wraps tonight, which was a fuckton of chopping, but they turned out really well.

Tofu lettuce wraps

3 thoughts on “Tofu Lettuce Wraps

  1. Baked tofu (with soy sauce, red pepper flakes, and pepper), fresh ginger, fresh garlic (I won’t be using fresh garlic again – my hands still smell!) yellow bell pepper, carrots, and shiitake mushrooms.

  2. FYI– rubbing fresh lemons on your hands will take the smell right off! ( or if you like Martha–she says running your hand on a stainless steel knife does the trick)…the SIDE, NOT the sharp part! LOL! As for the recipe–it sounds good.I just might try it! Thanks! :)

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