New Apartment

This weekend we had the carpet removed and new flooring installed, so we were finally unable to unpack the rest of the stuff. I thought I’d share how the new apartment looks so far.

This is the living room. It’s really huge. The boxes belong to John, he hasn’t fully unpacked yet.



Here’s the kitchen.


My room, aka “office,” starting with the bathroom. I didn’t take a picture of the bedroom because it’s messy. And unexciting.

My room

Lots of storage space. The only negative is that there’s really not enough natural light because the patio outside is entirely shaded. I only have one lamp right now, but I’ll need to get another.

My room

My room

Here’s the backyard. So far I’ve planted a little cherry tree and a blackberry bush, but I’ve also got a blueberry bush and a raspberry bush to plant.


This is the side of the yard. It’s huge for an apartment.

Side yard

Eight different herbs.


This is my new patio furniture, I got it this weekend at Pier 1.

Patio Furniture

And Molly, enjoying the floors.


2 thoughts on “New Apartment

  1. That is BEAUTIFUL!! I am so very happy for your hardwood floors hope you feel better more now. You have done a great job with your new home. I love you.

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