How to Setup a WiFi Connection Between an Olympus E-P5 and an iPhone

I received my Olympus E-P5 last week, and coming from a Nikon D7000, I had no idea how to setup a lot of the functions, namely the WiFi connection that would allow my camera to connect to my iPhone. Since I couldn’t find decent instructions online (the manual is woefully lacking) I thought I’d write up a quick tutorial in case anyone else has issues connecting the E-P5 to an iPhone.

1. Download the Olympus Image Share app from the App Store. It is universal and can be installed on an iPhone or an iPad.

2. Turn on the camera. Tap the WiFi button on the top left of the screen or navigate to Menu –> PlayBack Menu –> Connection to Smartphone. Either of these options will bring up a screen with a QR code that says “Private Connection.”

3. Open the Olympus Image Share app on the iPhone. Tap the small camera icon on the bottom and choose “Easy Setup.” On this screen, tap scan.

4. Hold the phone’s camera to the QR code on the screen of the E-P5. The phone needs to be fairly close to the screen to read the code (approximately 1.5 inches), and it will take a few seconds for it to register.

5. After scanning the code, the iPhone will display a screen that shows the SSID and the password from the camera. At this point, tap Install, which will open the settings menu of your phone. Tap Install again and then Install Now to install the WiFi profile.

6. Once the profile has been installed, the Olympus Image Share app will be reopened automatically. Exit out of the app by pressing the home screen and go back to the settings menu.

7. Go to the top menu of Settings and select WiFi, which will allow a WiFi network to be selected. Choose the E-P5 network and connect to it.

8. Make sure the E-P5 is still in the private connection mode with the QR code displayed. There should be a green WiFi icon with a “1” next to it in the upper left corner of the display, which indicates a connection.

9. At this point, go back to the Olympus Image Share app, which should now display a blue camera icon at the bottom, which means the camera is connected to the iPhone. From this point, geotagging information can be added, the remote control function can be accessed, and images can be uploaded from the camera to the phone.

10. When the camera is turned off or WiFi mode is exited, your phone will automatically end the connection. To reconnect, turn on the camera and tap the WiFi button. The QR code screen will come up, but it does not need to be scanned in again. From here on only step 7 needs to be repeated. Go to the Settings app, access WiFi, and reselect the EP-5 network each time photos need to be uploaded from the camera to the phone.

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  1. Thanks for the easy to follow instructions. I was racking my brain for a while trying to figure out why the heck it wouldn’t connect so I kept scanning the QR code. Now I’m up and running!

  2. Thanks for the clear instructions, Juli.
    The Olympus ones in the manual or during the set-up process on the camera are a pain.

  3. Thanks Juli!
    Why is there no mention of the Olympus Image Share App on the WiFi page (pg.75) of the instructions???
    Could not have connected my camera to my iPad without your help. I love Olympus products, but they are seriously lacking in the Menus/Instructions Depts.???
    They REALLY need all of that reorganized into a more logical, intuitive format with simple complete instructions!!! LOL!

  4. Thank you! Juli, you just helped me connect my new E-M1 to my iPhone. Thanks for the thorough explanation. I was stumped, but now I’m pumped!

  5. You have written a well organized article. Clearly described step by step with help of the images. Olympus E-P5 user who read this post is not gonna find any problems when connecting iPhone with their camera. Good work… cheers…!!

  6. is it normal that the camera screen continually shows the screen with the bar code while you’re controlling it with your phone? seems like the camera screen should show you what it’s pointed at. thanks.

  7. Thank you for the easy to follow tutorial you made! I got it working, but then would go through the whole process of installing the profie each time as the “instructions” never really explain that you can just turn it on and it will be there again! Thank You and well done!!

  8. Yes, this is normal behavior — or the screen will turn off after a bit. I guess the idea is that you can see the content on the iPhone screen when it’s in that mode.

  9. Thank you for the instructions! But a question,
    I don’t find any “button” on my camera screen for the Wi-Fi and I can’t choose the connection to smartphone from the menu either. Any ideas?
    Thank you!

  10. Are you using an E-P5? It’s not really a button, but on the touchscreen there’s a spot in the upper left corner that says WiFi, which is what you need to tap on. I can upload a photo if that doesn’t help.

  11. Thanks so much Juli. Just got the EP5 and am loving it but if it wasn’t for your post I would still be frustrated!
    Thanks again,

  12. Thanks for the tutorial. I hope you can help with a problem. I can make a connection but in upload mode I can only see photos that I have taken using my phone to control the camera. In review mode with the camera I can’t set photos to share the little share button on the screen either doesn’t work or does not appear. I can’t seem to sole this problem.

  13. I appreciate the instructions – I can’t get it to work with my Galaxy S4. It’s sad it’s SO COMPLICATED. Wireless connectivity is always so burdensome. Sometimes I want to grab a tech engineer and bang his head against the wall until they learn the word “seamless”.

  14. Thank you for adding all the information above very helpful ,I think you should join the Olympus team and show them how to compile a guide / manual that is user friendly I had spent a few hours trying to connect to wi fi , using your document it took less than two minutes

  15. I scan the QR code and after each scan my phone is asking me to install the profile. I install it every time but the wi-fi doesn’t show up in the network list. I had connected my camera to another phone previously, could this cause the problem?

  16. I cant get past the install screen it says in in red not signed? in the install profile on my iphone

  17. Thanks Juli…tried this over and over on my own…not sure what I did differently this time..but thank you for helping me get my EM-1 wifi to work!!!! Right on!

  18. What is wrong when it tells you it’s not signed. I actually got it to wrk once. Still not sure how… I have an M5 mark II and an iPhone 6. Help!

  19. I had same problem Laura.
    Under settings you can find something ment like “entry code”.
    (In Dutch toegangscode).

    There you can enter a 4 digit number, the number wich you also have to enter when setting up the profile.

    Then it should work!


    Thanks for setting up and share this usefull information

  20. Hi Juli, thanks for the helpful info..! I was unsuccessful until I found your page.

    I have an E-M5 Mark ll, and when I attempt to use remote control, it tells me ‘this function is only available in private connection mode.’ However on the camera monitor, I have the wi-fi icon and a ‘1’ next to it. Am I missing a step? Thanks.

  21. Anyone know how to change the password, or even suppress the need for one. It’s a pain to enter the number each time!

  22. Thank you so much. You were able to explain clearly and concisely what Olympus and David Busch could not.

  23. Does anyone know why the connect to smartphone option is gray and will not let me click on it?

  24. I cannot get by “the profile is not signed” on my iphone when attempting to utilize the app. Any suggestions? Thanks

  25. Yahooo! It worked – be sure to look in other networks in settings. Thank You Julie

  26. I try to connect my iPhone 6 with an Olympus TG-4 and run into the “no signature problem”. I get an 8-digit code after the scanning procedure, but I can’t find out where I should enter it. Anyone?

  27. Hello there! I have an OM-D E-M10 and have just recently downloaded the Image Share on my IPhone 4C. I managed to connect to my camera no problem and imported photos. Then after two days of using the camera, I tried again to connect and import photos and only the ones taken up to 2 days ago were available – i.e. not the most recent ones? Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?? Thanks for any advice!

  28. Thanks for the article. I was able to connect my Android. Did you notice however that the user can only import photos that were taken using the remote function? At least that is what I am experiencing. Said again, the “import photos” function only recognises those photos taken by the camera using the Android as a remote. Anyone know a work around?

  29. I have the same problem with connecting E-m5 mark II with iphone 6:(
    I scan the QR-code, but when i try to install, i am asked to enter a 4 digit code, and the it tells me its not signed in… ->unable to use the app.
    Anyone got a link to a website/forum that can help me out? No luck on google so far…

  30. Great tutorial thank you. One point for any RAW shooters. QI app only works with jpegs not RAW so be aware, I spent many fruit hours on that little problem ;-)

  31. Do you need to have an “eye-fi card” or “flashair” card to be able to connect? I don’t have either and my cursor skips over the option “connect to smartphone”, and the option is also gray. I have an Pen pl6 lite if that helps at all.

  32. Thanks for this great article! It got me much further along, but I am still stuck! The iPad shows the photos, but it won’t save them to the camera roll. It says I have to fix the Privacy settings on my device. What?

  33. No, you should not need one of these cards. If you have an E-P5 or similar camera that has WiFi capabilities, it has its own built-in WiFi network. You *can* use one of those cards, but it’s a totally different process.

  34. Tricia, it sounds like you need to authorize the OI Share app to save photos to the camera roll. You can do this by going to Settings –> Privacy –> Photos and making sure the toggle next to OI Share is green.

  35. Mine says “profile not signed” in red as well. i enter my correct 4 digit code and it still doesnt change. what the heck is this?

  36. Hi there! Can someone help Me? I can’t connect to the the wifi at all with my epl7! I click into the play back and connect to my smartphone, and it went from Wifi Starting to Wifi Stopping… I have try at least 10times! It’s still the same! Am I doing something wrong here? Help me! Thank you!

  37. Thank you so much for the easy to follow instructions! I was confused as to how to connect my Olympus Stylus TG-860 and kept downloading the QR code. After following along with your tutorial, I realized I had to disconnect my iPad & iPhone from the home wifi and connect to the camera while it was on and broadcasting it’s own wifi signal.

    Once I got the pictures uploaded to my device, I was able to save them in order to see them after the camera was turned off and the signal disconnected. Thank you for posting this tutorial!

  38. Hello, I’m unable to use my Android phone as a remote control for my EP-5. I downlodad the app, the phone scanned the code and that’s the end of it! Please help! Thank you

  39. Please help! I am near giving up. I followed all direction but it never works. I end up on the “Install Profile” screen showing the camera’s serial number and Olympus Corporation. Under that is written “Signed by” followed by “Not Signed” in red letters!
    Do it all again, QR and all – same end! Told can’t find camera. What is supposed to appear after signed by? Wish I could talk to Olympus.

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