I finished the yeti I was making yesterday, only slightly under a month late. I ran out of yarn twice, which meant three trips to Joann’s to finish him. He’s big, much bigger than I thought he’d be – just over a foot tall. This is the first time I used a fuzzy type of yarn, and let me tell you, not fun. It’s very fiddly and hard to see stitches sometimes. And forget counting, I just have to hope I’m on the right track. His hands and feet were no picnic either, but I’ve crocheted enough now to figure it all out. It’s funny, crochet was something I learned after knitting to supplement it, but now I probably crochet better than I knit. My next project will definitely be knit. All in all, I think Mr. Yeti here was about 12 hours of work, and that’s being modest.





Little Cat

It was Jonny’s birthday and as usual, he claimed that he wanted NOTHING at all. So instead of getting him something, I made a bunch of toys and a little blanket for his cat, Ren.

My major time investment was this little cat:



I was so frustrated that I threw away the pattern when I was done with it (at 5am), because I never wanted to make another one of these. It came out well though, and I was sad to give it away. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll make another, but definitely not all in one night.

Also, as a side note, this is a good post to show off my new camera. I got a nikon d7000 (been saving for over a year), and I’m not disappointed in the quality of the pictures. I have a lot to learn, but even with my complete lack of dslr knowledge right now, my pictures come out pretty well.

I’ve been crocheting

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been working on over the holidays.

First, I made a cute little cupcake for Nora’s Birthday.

my first cupcake

It came out so cute that I knew I had to make a bunch more. The two on the right hand side of the picture went to Julie’s friends, and the one on the left hand side went to my aunt.


cupcakes in bad lighting :(

I kept one, to put in my new little cake dish that I got for Christmas.


After the cupcakes, my Aunt Renee volunteered me to make my cousin Jamie a little red riding hood doll, since he is obsessed with that story right now, and so I obliged. I was not prepared for the amount of work little red riding hood would take, and I spent quite a lot of hours leading up to his birthday getting her done. It was fun to make because of the detail – it was certainly the most detailed thing I’ve crocheted, and now I’m pretty sure I can crochet just about anything.

Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf

It’s neat, because her cape comes off and you can play with her hair.

without her cape

without her cape, and with pigtails

She also has her little basket, which I just had to make some foods for out of clay. I think they turned out pretty well since I hadn’t touched clay in at least a year.

basket contents I made

Little Red Riding Hood

In fact, I spent so much time on her that I had a hard time relinquishing her (also why I have so many photos), but I knew Jamie would love her. I may make another doll in the future, I just wish I had more people request stuff to give me an excuse to do it! I can’t really just randomly crochet a bunch of amigurumi dolls just for myself.

Little Red Riding Hood and her basket of goodies

Anyway, now I am off of the crocheting for a bit since Miss Little Red Riding Hood wore me out. I’m currently knitting some scarves, and tonight I’m going to start sewing 2 blankets that I am making. I think I’ll be returning to more cupcakes at some point though.