Family History Follow Up

I did do some research on and talked to my granddad, who did remember the people in the picture. It’s his mom and dad (Lewis and Dalia Brooks) holding an unknown baby, Lunetta Hodges (the younger girl – not Dalia’s mother Lunetta, but a cousin) William Walter Hodges (my great grandfather’s mother’s brother) and his wife, Dixie Lee Brownen.

As it turns out, the story is true. Will Hodges DID die shortly after this picture was taken, and they suspected that Dixie poisoned him but they couldn’t prove it, so she never went to jail and lived to a ripe old age.

Family History?

This picture belongs to my grandma, I found it the other day and thought it was interesting. I need to go back and look at the family tree stuff to see if I can find these people.

Strange old photos

Strange old photos

The writing on the back says:
Will & Dixie Hodges Brooks & Linnetta Hodges Daughter. He was Mrs. B. Brother & Dixie poisoned him a few days after this was taken.

Little Cat

It was Jonny’s birthday and as usual, he claimed that he wanted NOTHING at all. So instead of getting him something, I made a bunch of toys and a little blanket for his cat, Ren.

My major time investment was this little cat:



I was so frustrated that I threw away the pattern when I was done with it (at 5am), because I never wanted to make another one of these. It came out well though, and I was sad to give it away. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll make another, but definitely not all in one night.

Also, as a side note, this is a good post to show off my new camera. I got a nikon d7000 (been saving for over a year), and I’m not disappointed in the quality of the pictures. I have a lot to learn, but even with my complete lack of dslr knowledge right now, my pictures come out pretty well.